1. How to create an account

To use KidInspector, you should create an online account first. You can create it here:
Select the tab "Register" and type in your valid email, name and phone number and create a password. You must enter the password twice. Then click the button "Register".

2. How to install the program

Log in your KidInspector account and click the button "Download" at the top of the page. Select a version for your operating system and download it.


Run the installation file and follow the prompts. When the installation is finished, the program will connect to your account automatically and the computer will appear in your online account in 5-10 minutes.

3. How to see the logs

All logs are available in your online account. The data is filtered into several categories such as "Screenshots", "Keyboard events", "Visited Websites", etc for your convenience. You can also see all events in the chronological order by selecting "All Events" or check the general user's statistics in the form of charts and graphs in "User Statistic". Simply select the computer you want to check and the necessary tab.


4. How to change the monitoring settings

Click your email in the top right corner of the dashboard and select "Remote Settings" in the drop-down menu.

All settings are divided into six categories for your convenience. After changing any settings, click "Apply" in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can apply the changes to a selected computer or to all computers connected to your dashboard at once.


1) The category "Device Info" shows the information about your operating system and the version of KidInspector agent. It also allows you to clear each type of logs from the target computer or uninstall the program remotely.


2) You can enable or disable logging keystrokes, clipboard events and URLs in the category "Monitoring Control".


3) The category "Social Network" lets you select social networks and messengers for monitoring. You can also set the program to make additional screenshots for chats here.


4) In the category "Site Blocker", you can block access to unwanted websites. To block the whole categories of websites, check the necessary options in the "Blacklist of Categories".


If you want to block a specific website, enter its URL in the "Blacklist of Websites". Enter one URL per line. You can also specify certain unwanted keywords in the "Blacklist of Words". Enter one keyword per line. The program will block all websites, that contain the keyword in their URL. To block all websites except allowed ones, check "Whitelist of URLs only" and enter allowed websites in the "White List of URLs".

5) The category "Media" allows you to configure capturing screenshots, webcam snapshots and video and audio recording.


In the block "Screenshots", choose when the program makes screenshots: at window change, URL change or clipboard change. You can also select the quality of screenshots here.

The block "Webcam snapshots" allows you to configure when webcam snapshots are captured: at the start or end of the user's session or at a certain time interval. You must also choose your webcam in the drop-down menu. Do not choose "First Active Webcam".

In "Webcam Video", you can set the program to record video from the webcam of the monitored computer. First, choose your webcam in the drop-down menu. Do not choose "First Active Webcam". After that check the necessary options and enter the duration of recording for each selected option. The maximum duration is 5 minutes. For recording by a timer, you must also specify the interval between recordings. Make sure the interval is longer than the duration.


In "Sound recording", you can configure recording sound from the microphone of the monitored computer. Check the necessary options and specify the duration. The maximum duration is 30 minutes.

Note: Options for webcam snapshots, webcam video and sound recording are the same. We do not recommend enabling all of them at once. Instead, select one or two necessary ones in each block and make sure they do not duplicate each other.

5. How to delete the program

There are a couple of ways to delete the program from the target computer:

1) Through your online account. Go to Remote Settings>Choose the computer>Device Info>click Remote Uninstall. If the computer is online, the program will be deleted within a few minutes. If the computer is offline, the command will be executed when the computer goes back online.

2) Locally on the computer.

For Windows OS: In the program folder C:\ProgramData\{0276FACA-AA90-C56A-65FF-D3865DA10EAD} there is file unins000.exe. Run it on the PC.

For Mac OS: Delete folders /Library/knd and /Library/usr/usrknd.