You will know what your kids do on their personal devices

A simple and convenient application for remote control of children’s activity on smartphones and computers

You will know what your kids do on their personal devices

What can KidInspector do

What can KidInspector do
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KidInspector is a leading parental control software for computers, smartphones, and tablets that allows parents to monitor messages, calls, WhatsApp, Facebook activity and more

  • Monitoring messages in WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype, Facebook;

  • Tracking calls, SMS, GPS coordinates;

  • Tracking visited websites and running applications;

  • Webcam snapshots and screenshots, microphone recordings, and more than 30 other features;

  • Quick and simple installation, easy to use for anybody;

  • Compatible with Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Windows and MAC OS.

How Does it Work

To start using the program

  • Register your personal account for free

  • Download KidInspector agent from your account

  • Install the program on target computers

  • Receive information and view it in your account remotely


  • Remote monitoring

  • Internet

  • Screenshots

  • Screen broadcasting

  • Web search queries

  • Installed apps

  • Keylogger

  • Webcam broadcasting

Real stories of parents

First user's review

“Our daughter was about to leave on this exchange program to another country, of course, we were scared to let her go so far away. She took the laptop with her, so we installed this program on it, on the one hand, for our peace of mind. And on the other hand, back home we can meet her new friends personally, but there, we know them only from what she tells us. We were afraid that if someone bullied her, she would not want to upset us. But with this program, we feel calm and we know for sure that everything is in order there, judging by her messages with the new friends.“

Second user's review

“I never thought that someday such a program would be useful to me. But in the last couple of months, I often have to go on business trips. I always leave my parents to look after my kid but they know absolutely nothing about computers and the web. So KidInspector got the job of looking after my son on the Internet. Even though he is quite independent, he sometimes still plays games or watches YouTube for too long, instead of doing the homework. With the program, it is easy to control this even from another city.“

Third user's review

“I have a teenage daughter. This age can be hard at times. I installed KidInspector because I started noticing some strange things: she closes computer windows when I enter the room, and the browser history is always cleared, although she uses the computer for a long time. It's good that there was nothing serious, harmless children's secrets. But I decided to try and have a heart-to-heart with her. After that, it became easier for us to communicate.“

Fourth user's review

“We recently bought our child his first personal computer, before that he used either my or the husband’s PC. Sometimes we checked which sites the son goes to. Not only to control him but also to just keep track of his new interests. It also gave us tons of excellent ideas for gifts and useful purchases for him. But I believe that restrictions are also required on the Internet, not all websites are suitable for children. Therefore, KidInspector was installed on the new computer. Now we can check his PC remotely at any time, very convenient.“

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