Powerful Parental Control Software for Windows & MAC OS

Remotely track and control child’s computer activity

  • Remote real-time monitoring from any place and any device
  • Monitoring messages in WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype
  • Facebook + Social Networking Activity
  • Watching the screen in live mode
  • Keystrokes Logging
  • Webcam snapshots and screenshots, microphone recordings, and more than 30 other features
  • Compatible with Windows OS from XP and above and Mac OS 10.12 and above

How Does KidInspector Work?

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Download KidInspector agent from your account

Install the program on target computers

Receive information and view it in your account remotely


Remote monitoring via a secured personal account

You do not need to get access to the child's computer to view the data from the program. All information is available in your account both from your computer and your smartphone in a convenient format. You can also change all program settings remotely. So wherever you are, KidInspector will help you look after your children and keep the peace of mind for their safety.

Monitoring in real time

Has your child just returned home and should be doing the homework? Or maybe he or she should not be at the computer at all? KidInspector will show you the remote computer’s screen and what your child is doing right now. All other data like screenshots, activity records, etc. are also regularly updated while the computer is online.

Activity in social networks

Undoubtedly, children spend most of their time on social media. However, these sites can hide various dangers. Without proper control by parents, children may find themselves in unpleasant or even dangerous situations. This is confirmed by recent scandals around the "Blue Whale death groups" or many real cases of extortion of information or photos from children by criminals through private messages in social networks. That is why KidInspector can track the activity of the child in the most popular social network Facebook, as well as in Twitter, Myspace, and others.

Activity on the Internet and site blocker

In addition to social networks, KidInspector also records all visited websites and cannot be hidden. Therefore, even if the child regularly clears browser history, you can still check which sites they visited during the day. The program successfully records visited websites even in so-called incognito tabs or private tabs, where by default the browser history is not saved. Also, unacceptable content can be easily restricted using the site blocking feature by adding the unwanted sites to the blacklist.

Search queries

With KidInspector, you will be aware of what your child looks for on the Internet. If the kid is already old enough and uses Google instead of a special search engine for children then in addition to the "good" sites with secure content in the search results there can be some inappropriate ones too.
Clearing the list of search queries from the program is impossible, unlike clearing it from the browser.

Internet messengers

In addition to chats on social networks, modern teenagers very often use Internet messengers. As in the case of social networks, your child's friends there can turn out to be unreliable and simply dangerous individuals. It is better to learn about such contacts as early as possible. KidInspector will show you all correspondence and contacts in popular instant messengers.


KidInspector will record all the activity of the child in Skype. However, Skype has been and remains one of the most popular free applications, not because of the free messages but thanks to video chats that can be dangerous in their own way. A possible criminal can get an image of the young user. If your child actively uses Skype, KidInspector will help you learn about such cases and prevent them from happening in the future.


At any time you can see which programs and for how long your child uses on the computer. And in the list of applications, you can see if any prohibited programs were installed.


The child's activity is tracked in the screenshots all the time while they are sitting in front of the computer.


In addition to saving messages in screenshots, monitoring social networks and instant messengers, the program saves the child's messages in the form of text typed from the keyboard. KidInspector will record all keystrokes, including deleted ones.

Recording audio

Among other things, KidInspector can record the sound that is heard through the microphone of the computer. With this feature, for example, you can find out what the child is talking about on the phone while sitting next to the PC.

Webcam recordings

KidInspector can use the webcam connected to the computer. The program can take pictures of the room from time to time or show live broadcast from the camera. So with the help of the program, you can turn the webcam into a free video surveillance camera for your home.

Remote uninstallation

There is also a possibility of remote uninstallation. In case you decide to remove the program from the computer, you do not need to access it directly, as it can be done through a remote account.

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